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Explore, Exchange, Experience: Sparking young curiosity
Tromsø 2023 is a unique youth conference, gathering 300 young Europeans in Tromsø, Norway in March 2023. The conference will explore the arctic region and sustainable solutions and innovation, exchange ideas in the name on international cooperation, and  experience indigenous saami culture in a  centre for cultural prosperity.

By introducing young Europe to the Arctic region we will foster democratic engagement, innovation, sustainability, tolerance and cooperation on the regional and European level.
Welcome to Tromsø 2023
The European Youth Parliament (EYP) each year hosts conferences all over Europe to encourage young people to speak their minds, form opinions, and be informed about the political agenda of current-day Europe. The main goals of  the organisation is to  inspire active citizenship and democratic engagement.

Tromsø 2023 will offer a unique twist on these goals, focusing heavily on the Arctic region, and the role of  Europe in its future solutions.

The European Youth Parliament
Themes of the conference
The Session Theme of Tromsø 2023 aims to embrace several aspects of the young generations of today.
Explore, Exchange, Experience: Sparking young curiosity
Refers to the exchange of ideas, knowledge, culture, and much more present at the event. This will be facilitated through the Committee Work, the Eurovillage, Cultural Day, and the general work and interaction between the participants.
Participants will gain new impressions, friends and see how their knowledge will expand throughout their days in Tromsø. Experiences will include pan-European cooperation in the arctic context, cross-border social bonding, cultural exchange with the local environment and between participants, meeting with academic experts on topics discussed.
Refers to how the participants will follow in the footsteps of arctic explorers and be introduced to a region of Europe they might have never been to or focused on before. The event will let the participants explore the area from their own point of view through cultural activities and debate topics.
The theme is built on three pillars
Sustainability, culture and cooperation, all placed in the Arctic context

Now, more than ever, we must take special focus on the impending climate crisis. This problem is relatable for all Europeans, but especially in a vulnerable region of the Arctic, where the negative effects of climate change are becoming more severe faster than anywhere else. We need new, lasting solutions.
The Arctic region has a very rich history and culture, which we aim to share with all of the participants. A pivotal, but often overlooked cultural aspect in Europe are the Saami, the northernmost indigenous people of Europe. Years of discrimination and neglect of the Saami lead to very limited awareness about their culture in Europe. It is crucial to foster intercultural exchange which includes the marginalised cultures.
Mutual respect and intercultural relationships are at the forefront of the EYP’s values. The Arctic region is one of the global, geopolitically important spaces, where international cooperation is peaceful and well-functioning despite differences. The Arctic theme will therefore serve as an ideal plane to educate youths on how productive international cooperation can be done.

The Sámi Aspect
The theme of the conference in Tromsø will revolve around sustainability in a broad sense, with a focus on the sustainable development of international cooperation in the Arctic, the preservation and sustainable development of indigenous culture, especially Sámi representation and participation in political discourse, and the sustainable development of the Arctic nature, as it is one of the areas on the planet seeing the effects of climate change the most.
of Tromsø 2023
The conference aims to induce dialogue between youth on the sustainable future of society, both at a regional, national, and European level. EYP Norway and its partners will also use the event to showcase the local culture of the High North, for example through traditional Sámi art forms. For instance, we wish to invite Samí performers, a task which both EYP Finland and EYP Sweden are invited to help with, through Samí culture indigenous to their countries.

Euroconcert will take place in Ishavskatedralen Church in Tromsø, and is planned to be open to local citizens as well.

The webpage will soon have all content available in both English, Norwegian and Northern Sámi.
Tromsø City
Facts, numbers, stats, the region of Tromsø
Tromsø is located on two islands; Tromsøya and Kvaløya
The midnight sun can be experienced from May to July; Northern lights from September to April
The town was established in 1250
77731 inhabitants
Tromsø is home to several important international institutions, such as the Secretariat of the Arctic Council
Sponsors, partners, and patrons make Tromsø 2023 possible
Resolution Booklet
We're proud to present you one of the main outputs of Tromsø International Session — The Resolution Booklet that contains motions for resolutions of all 15 committees made by the delegates of the session.
Academic Preparation Kit
We also gathered all the 15 Topic Overviews of Tromsø 2023 in a pdf document for your convenience.
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