"Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind." That's the explanation one will find on Wikipedia if they're trying to understand what the Northern Lights are. A stern, blank and even scary sentence that stops the reader from continuing their research. Of course, that is what's supposed to happen to everyone looking for answers about the northern lights on Wikipedia since the Northern lights are so much more than just physics… First of all, they are an emotion.

On the third of March, 300 people gathered in the dreamy, snowy town of Tromso with different expectations, hopes and dreams for their trip, but the one phrase even the worst lip-reader could read on everyone's lips was "the northern lights."

While most of the world for every day of their life sees blues and grays, maybe some reds and yellows in the sky, only the lucky ones who are ready to "put up" with the mild inconveniences of the poles get to see every color imaginable if only they care enough to look up. The simple natural explanation of the Northern Lights can never explain the life-changing effects it has on every person lucky enough to witness it even once in their lives.

Turns out, from all the things nature could "invent," it chose to put a multicolor dance performance of lights right above our heads at the edge of the world. An occurrence that challenges the beliefs of even the most passionate "rejectors" of the existence of magic.

Spending 13 days in the freezing cold, surrounded by snow and ice, 5160 kilometers away from one's home sounds insane if one mistakenly forgets to add the possibility of seeing the northern lights to the equation.

The thing is… our sneaky nature while "drawing" one of its best masterpieces decided to base it on one of the most powerful human emotions… hope.

After walking through snow for an hour, feeling the numbness of your toes, your runny nose and frozen fingertips, after dealing with having three or more layers of clothing on, slipping every step of the way, feeling sweaty but cold… all one needs to do in the arctic to feel like the happiest human alive is checking the thickness of cloud coverage that night and seeing a low percentage. You see, for quite a lengthy period of time during the year one can see the northern lights almost daily in certain parts of the world… The only thing you need is a clear sky.

And when luck is on your side and when the magic hits, it doesn't matter who you are and where you come from, it doesn't matter what awaits you back home, what goals are on hold, what fears are meticulously hidden inside, what challenges you're facing or what losses you're dealing with… All that matters are the bright lights smiling down on you from way above, showing that nature, at least for that brief period of time is on your side…

And maybe, just maybe, looking up and seeing a colorful explosion of lights piercing through your sky is the magic you need to feel like the path you chose to get to that point in your life makes sense. And maybe, just maybe, those few bright particles are all it takes to help you believe that you really are right where you have to be and that the choices you made that brought you here were meaningful.

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