It's so easy to underestimate the snow. It's something so common and maybe bland?
But that's not what the North teaches you…

When you encounter so much snow every single day you realise that the snow is one of the most diverse natural encounters one can have. It's a sensory overload like no other.

The minute you go outside your eyes are blessed by a snowcrafted white paradise. And in that moment all you can feel is calmness cuz nothing screams calmness softer than a multicolored dreamy town hugged by the snowy mountains. Only a few milliseconds later you start feeling the snow on your skin. The tiny snowflakes dance around you and shower you with millions of smooth tiny kisses. You blush, as no natural encounter has ever cradled you the way snow does every time it travels all the way from the sky just to land on your burning cheeks and hopeful eyelashes, or to adorn your hair with tiny jewels. And then when you think all is said and done the snow decides to surprise you with a custom made symphony of sounds it makes every time you step on it… And that sound, that exact sound is one's gateway to nirvana. That carefully conducted crunch is all one needs to want to continue walking in the snow and to forget the seemingly uncomfortable feeling that the cold brings.

This gateway to the Arctic is not a summer destination no matter what a lot of people can tell you. Tromsø is a special place, a magical place… but only with the help of its one true magician… the snow.

And when do we believe in magic most..?

Tromsø always looks like Christmas… And what do we think about when we say Christmas? Lights, decorations, cinnamon, tangerines..? Here, in this dreamy town, I learned something else… The one true symbol of Christmas is snow. And it is not even close to being a coincidence. The snow, just like Christmas, is all about a clean slate, a fresh start, a new beginning.

And turns out that the North is all about new beginnings… Here, on this enormous canvas any visitor can paint their own path, a new one, an original one. And only here every day can be a new canvas in case you want another chance at a new beginning.

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