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What is it?
Welcome to Tromsø!
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Opening Ceremony
On the 6th of March, participants of Tromsø International Session 2023 gathered together at the Framsenteret Lysgården for the Opening Ceremony of the Session. The evening started with the speeches of Mayor of Tromsø Gunnar Wilhelmsen, the State Secretary Eivind Vad Petersson, Executive Director of Arctic Frontiers and Patron of Tromsø 2023 Anu Fredrikson, President of the Nordic Youth Council and Patron of Tromsø Rasmus Emborg, the Executive Director of European Youth Parliament Pauline Chetail and Administrative Secretary of the Saami Council Enni Similä.

Following the speeches a panel discussion on the topic of “Breaking the Ice: How to bridge the gap between European and Arctic youth and encourage sustainable cooperation?” took place with with local actors from youth organizations, and stakeholders across the themes of Tromsø 2023.

The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.
Committee Work
On the 6th of March, participants of Tromsø International Session 2023 started their Committee Work. They gathered into their committees and started discussing relevant issues to the Arctic.
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On the 4th of November, the Eurovillage of Tromsø International Session 2023 took place. The participants shared different cultural and traditional aspects with each other, thus widening their cultural horizons.
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Expert Talks
On the 7th of March, the participants of Tromsø International Session 2023 met with the experts of their respective committees. From industry leaders to renowned academics, these talks gave valuable professional insides on the discussed topics.
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Norwegian and Sámi evenings
On the 7th of March, following the Committee Work, the participants of Tromsø International Session 2023 had a Norwegian Night. During the evening workshops were conducted as well as participants had an opportunity to experience one of the most iconic Norwegian cultural traditions “Dugnad”.

The day after, they were warmly welcomed at the Sámi evening where they had an opportunity to dive into the Sámi culture and exchange different experiences.
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On the 9th of March Tromsø International Session 2023 hold Euroconcert; a cultural event allowing the participants to show their artistic talents through musical, dance or other artistic performances. The event took place in Tromsdalen kirke, which is better known as the Arctic Cathedral.

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General Assembly
On the 10th and 11th of March the participants of Tromsø International Session 2023 were engaged in academic debates and discussions. They had an opportunity to defend their resolutions, suggest changes and finally vote for them! General Assemby took place in the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.
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Session TikTok
The Media Team of Tromsø decided to take advantage of the EYP Norway TikTok account and turned it into a space for session participants and externals to have fun as well share their opinion on various topics.

Credits to Charlotte Vanhandenhove (BE), Thetis Georgiou (CY) and Jarna Pahlberg (FI) for the adorable coverage!
Voices of Tromsø
Join us on the official podcast of the 98th International Session of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), hosted in the breathtaking Arctic city of Tromsø in 2023!

With Sounds of Tromsø, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, learning about the unique history, culture, and traditions of the Sámi people — the only indigenous culture of the EU — and their connection to the environment. Our podcast is a platform for conversation with experts, community leaders, and young activists, and we’ll delve into the pressing issues facing the Arctic and the world today.

From climate change and environmental conservation to indigenous rights, Sounds of Tromsø offers a rare opportunity to deepen your understanding of these critical topics, while exploring the beauty of the Arctic region and its people.

The project is brought to you by Pablo Ramirez (ES), Ela Bolčič (SI), João Silva (PT), Thetis Georgiou (CY) and Charlotte Vanhandenhove (BE).
Pablo Ramirez (ES) and Daniele Amici (IT) captured all the beautiful faces of Tromsø IS participants that can now be found in the separate folder on the Media Team drive.

We miss you all!
Happiest moments
It isn't easy to talk about our happiest moments without awakening the feeling of warm, calming nostalgia. It is at times like these you get the desire to share this kindness, this gratitude with others. We sincerely hope that your participation in Tromsø 2023 will be added to the list of your happiest memories.

Project by Eclair (BY)
Quick memories from Tromsø 2023
This project was born on the idea of making it possible to re-experience the unique Arctic journey that the Tromsø International Session gave its 300 participants, re-explore the city of Tromsø and re-exchange all the memories we got there.

We hope you will enjoy this tiny memorable video brought to you by Daniele Amici and explore the Artic region with us.

Project by Daniele Amici (IT).
Break The Ice
Dora (HR) is one of the Media Team Members of Tromsø IS and she wants to connect her project to all three terms from the session theme: Explore, Exchange, Experience — Sparking Young Curiosity. Dora would want to show the way participants explore parts of Tromsø. They will be exchanging their opinions about changes they support in their countries. Finally, the experience of the entire project is to ensure all participants are free to speak their mind during the event with little or no boundaries. Dora wants them to speak about serious issues in their countries as well as how or why they want to change them, in a fully free way.
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