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The Schwarzkopf Foundation is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament (EYP).

EYP Norway is a National Committee in the EYP network.

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Would you like to see your company name on materials shared with hundreds of young people from all over Europe? By supporting our conference, you will be offered your logo and name on our materials as well as we can work out a strategy for how to include your wishes for visibility at our session.

At Tromsø 2023, there will be a designated Media Team in charge of creating promotional material from each programme element of the conference. This dedicated team will be led by the conference Editor and will work to ensure the project is visible and recognised outside of our organisation.
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The work of the Media Team will be distributed across EYP Norway’s and Tromsø IS’s Facebook, Instagram, and as well as being promoted on the Instagram of the EYP Network, which has over 10,000 followers from across Europe.

This work spans from photos and videos to small projects made by individual members with the aim to show perspectives of the session not otherwise covered.

The resolutions worked on by the participants during the event will be shared with the relevant stakeholders on each issue. By doing this, the project will not only gain more visibility but also allow participants' opinions to directly influence the wider world.

This also means that you, through a sponsorship, can gain visibility on our different platforms, mentioned in our welcome booklets and sponsor booklets, and potentially having your logo present on different media. This could be on relevant merchandise such as notebooks, pens, or brochures.
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Your logo will be published on our website and Facebook site as well, and we are open to having a representative from your company present at parts of the programme to experience the conference.
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Please reach out to us on our mailing address ( We will plan a meeting and talk about the options you have, so that the process can be as streamlined as possible!

You can also reach us on our Social Media you will find in the bottom of the website.
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